A Planet called Hope

Is the lockdown causing boredom in your household? Our team has been working hard at creating a board game that you can download and play with the family.

You have two options:

  1. Download and print the coloured version, cut it to size and play or
  2. download and print the black and white version and get the creatives in your family to colour it in and cut it to size and then play

A Planet called Hope – the story

Earth was a great first try for civilisation, but ultimately, overpopulation leads to a scarcity of resources that humanity just couldn’t cope with (and the droughts, fires, floods, insect swarms and pandemics didn’t help much either). 

Thankfully, you are in charge of one of the first big corporations to realise that we need to make a new start, on a recently discovered planet called “Hope”! 

Rushing to the forefront to beat your competitors to the mark, you swiftly realise that there are several obstacles to your success (the fearsome Electrical Sand Blizzards and the fires caused thereby, not being the least of them!).  

You might just have to work together to really make Hope a success, and not repeat the mistakes that humanity made on Earth! 

How to Play 

Players will work together to spend their collective resources on building facilities, in order to complete their outpost in a sustainable way. 

Discussion will become a core feature of gameplay, as players begin to form different ideas about how the outpost should progress – but helping each other out wherever necessary will be essential to a successful game. 

We would encourage players to engage in debate and negotiation wherever the need presents itself. Co-operation is the goal, but above all, have fun! 

Download the game

Click the image to download coloured version
Click the image to download black & white version


Show your appreciation

The team has been working really hard on making this board game happen. Everyone has chipped in their time and effort to make it playable, look great and most of all to bring it to you. If you can spare it, we would be very grateful if you could make a contribution to the team as they have endured pay-cuts and uncertainty yet they are committed enough to bring you the game nevertheless.