Anniversary clean-up sale

We turned 10 years old in business! And we see it as a cause for celebration!

We want to also use the occasion as a bit of a clearout of some of the projects that we spent time designing and developing but now are better off finding a new home. We operate under the principle, that when it is sold, it is gone so if you are remotely interested, don’t be disappointed when the project you were interested in is gone, speak to us, now!


For Sale: Carbon 0 Commute – ready to deploy mobile app and web-based administrator back-end

We created Carbon 0 Commute to help smart cities launch challenges for the commuters in the 0-7km commuter belt to choose more carbon-friendly options. We built it as a pilot project and then the pandemic hit, we completed the build but our target audience is mainly corporates and not really smart cities. So we are looking for a new home for this app, which we built with great love and intention so that somebody can make it their main focus and business. We want to find someone who is carbon conscious and wants a ready-made app for their business.

Beautifully designed gamified app to assist smart cities to nudge commuters to the most carbon-friendly way of commuting. Created as part of the SCIFI program during the pandemic when commuting was a bit limited.

Included in the sale:

  • Beautifully designed mobile app, with the option to tailor styling for each city
  • Ready for deployment on IOS and Android
  • Website: (WordPress designed and domain name)
  • Geolocation allows for cities to set local rewards and achievements
  • Cities can enjoy setting their own rewards in the administrator app

You can read more about the app on its website:
Valued at £250,000 for all source code (mobile app and web administrator), WordPress website and domain name, and all design files.

Talk to us to find out more information

Web-based Casino Metaverse

Casino metaverse with 2 avatars – ready to integrate with your casino games and online wallets for both web 2.0 and web 3.0

The experience:

A casino metaverse with a male and female avatar. Both avatars are stylishly dressed to enter the casino environment. When they walk up the steps, they enter a casino and can take a seat at a slot machine or a roulette table or even do some dance moves on the dance floor. In fact, we dare you to do that first and see how many dance moves your avatar has in them. Point and click navigation. At the slot machines by the entry door, you can see how other games can be integrated easily, the same can be done for roulette and other tables.
Unity project rendered for WebGL aka web browser access; this version was created to work on web browsers. (Can be made to work on mobile as a customisation)

Embed your games easily and provide a metaverse experience for your players

Requirements for it to run: server and game registration on service like playfab or other game back-end. Can come with a roulette game.

Valued at £50,000 for all graphical assets and source code and we will help you get it set up on your servers with your games.

Customisation options:  

  1. Sign-in and wallet/payment integration to allow people to play 
  2. Integration of your games into the platform
  3. Re-skinning in your colours and logo
  4. Mobile accessible version

Enquire directly with us to find out more about acquiring this metaverse.

Drag racing game

Drag racing game, where players can challenge each other to a race in a choice of 4 race environments in two race cars. To race you can set an entry fee or allow people to pay and have unlimited races. The matching of races is done by the Photon/PUN component and requires you to subscribe for this to work on the Photon system. Project is built in Unity with webGL output, it is built to work on web browsers. (Can be made to work on mobile as a customisation). Wallet integration to pay and play is configurable for both web 2.0 or 3.0.

Race cars with your branding

Requirements for it to run: Photon subscription to allow multi-player race matching, server and game racing

Valued at £50,000 for all source code and graphics and we will help you set it up on your server

Comes with 4 racing tracks:

Customisation options:

  1. Additional cars and options to upgrade cars
  2. Sign-in and wallet/payment integration
  3. Re-skinning in your colours and logo
  4. Mobile version

Enquire directly with us to find out more about acquiring this game.

Games arcade with 6 playable arcade games

Games arcade in voxel art style. First-person experience, so you walk around by keyboard arrows. You click on a machine to play the games. They all have a pixel/voxel art style and very pink (the brand it was developed for, had pink in their branding) and the names all had panther in it to suit Pink Panther branding. All names and skins (colours in the game) can be changed through a customisation to suit another brand. The timer was created to include 24-hour unlimited access which can be stopped and started. Wallet integration is configurable for both web 2.0 and 3.0.

Playable games:  (were panther branded but can be re-skinned and renamed for your brand)

  • mega panther vader (space invaders)
  • Pantherman (pacman)
  • panther cross (froggers)
  • crazy panther basket (basketball hoops)
  • panther car chase (car chase)
  • x panther racing (racing game)
  • pantherbot rush (racing game)
  • panther hero dasha (endless runner)
Voxel art games arcade with playable games

Requirements to run: A games server

Valued at £25000 for the arcade without games and £5000 per game, the sale would include all source code and graphical assets and we can help set it up on your servers.

Customisation options:

  1. Re-skin in your colours and logo
  2. Sign-in wallet/payment integration
  3. Additional games
  4. Mobile version

Enquire directly with us to find out more about acquiring this game.

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