Custom-made serious games

Custom made Games are expensive

Custom-made games are expensive Everyone knows that as soon as you add the words custom-made to a service, the price tag will be equally impressive. In most cases, I believe …

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How play-to-earn made us learn

As with most game design and development companies, we have also been exploring the blockchain game space. We were tasked with three play-to-earn style games at the end of last …

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Gamification trends for 2022

gamification trends of 2022

Gamification trends for 2022 It has become somewhat of an annual tradition for me to write up what I see as the main trends for gamification in the world of …

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Is your remote work setup working?

Is your remote work setup working? As a remote-first organisation since we started in 2012, we have learned over time that some things work better than others for a remote …

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