Gamification trends for 2023

Trends of 2023 for gamification by Gamification Nation CEO An Coppens

Gamification trends for 2023 2023 like some of the previous years has an uncertain feel to it. Nobody knows for sure or dares to say whether Covid-19 is finally manageable, …

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Reflecting on 2022

Reflections on 2022

With 2022 coming to a close, and the last working day of the year running out of steam, I wanted to reflect on the good and bad we experienced as …

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Custom-made serious games

Custom made Games are expensive

Custom-made games are expensive Everyone knows that as soon as you add the words custom-made to a service, the price tag will be equally impressive. In most cases, I believe …

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How play-to-earn made us learn

As with most game design and development companies, we have also been exploring the blockchain game space. We were tasked with three play-to-earn style games at the end of last …

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