Behind the scenes of gamification

Is gamification just a way to bust boredom?

Gamification is a powerful tool to improve business processes and can assist in making interactions more engaging. But if busting boredom is your primary objective and your only reason for doing it, I urge you to think again? Find out what the root cause and source of this disengagement is in the first place.

Often the business process you are trying to get people to engage with is outdated or broken in which case you need to rectify the process first. Other times you may find that the people in your process consider what you ask of them routine and low value, which may mean again rethinking whether what you are requesting is really producing value and if it is how you can communicate this better and also are your people maybe too qualified for these tasks.

Boredom can have multiple sources and as a teenager this may well be a way of life in a work setting this should not be the norm unless you have broken processes and people that can do the work in their sleep and are no longer motivated or stretched by performing the jobs.

When you are sure the process works and the right people are in place, then I would consider looking at gamification in order to improve your business process.

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