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2014 is looming

With a New Year on our doorstep, we have every intention to keep sharing projects, knowledge and other interesting bits of information we keep up on our travels. However we also intend to put a few themes in place, which may attract frequent visitors.

We are starting with a regular column on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Obviously we want you to come and have a look on each day to find out, what it will be about.

Our ambition is to make it engaging, educational and here and there a bit of fun too.

We hope to see you on Monday for the Monday theme reveal!


2 thoughts on “Blog schedule”

  1. Good luck! Looking forward to it! Hope you keep up the strength to post regular. Just having started myself I know how hard it can be 🙂

  2. We definitely have the intention to start and stay going and by making a themed effort I can prepare the thought process in a structured way for both me and my team. Thank you Karin

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