Feminine gamification design: Project Implicit

Project Implicit is a research based project trying to understand the different bias we may have even if our intentions are good. Researchers want to delve into the concept of unconscious bias and how this affects our decision making and also our feelings. the tests cover all areas of diversity and potential bias. From sexual orientation, to colour, age, gender, gun preference, religion etc.

I took a test on gender diversity as some of my regular readers would expect and I came out with a slight bias of science being more male oriented than female, a slight bias at 19%. I did also question the test accuracy because in my view some of it had to do with finger fatigue and clicking on e or i to identify one preference over another. I wonder if they had started in a different order whether I would have come out with a different result also.

At the same time the result didn’t shock me, because if I think about my personal preferences arts will win slightly over science. I wouldn’t have associated this with my gender, just more with my personal preferences. I do however love reading scientific studies in some fields and serious literature or history could have me bored in seconds. So even with those things in mind it is more nuanced.

First of all I challenge you to take one or more of the tests on the Project Implicit website and let us know which one you chose and how you fared.

In terms of gamification design however it always reinforces the need for solid understanding of the company and local culture you are designing for. If a company is multinational a lot of the prevailing traits will come from the home office national culture. Secondly in your user research you also want to understand the bias that exists in terms of games, player styles and acceptability of gaming or play in the general culture. All nationalities have games, sports and things people do for fun, so inspiration once you know the bias should still be plentiful.

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