Feminine gamification viewpoint: console girls

Feminine gamification viewpoint: console girls

In the research I have found to date a general trend is that girls like different kinds of games to guys, this is taking into account all types of games. When it comes to console gaming however the differences are less significant. Research by EEDAR shows the following picture:



From a gamification perspective it shows that the game elements from console games can easily find their way into business related applications. The barrier to entry with console games is owning a console and setting it up before you play, but once set-up players tend to play longer.

Role playing games have worked well in learning and development for some time and I never experienced any push back from either gender in order to engage in the game. Their game strategy may be subtly different, but the engagement and will to win can be equally high.

What impacts have you soon from console gaming on gamification?

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