Feminine gamification viewpoint: design differences

Feminine gamification viewpoint: design differences

A study examining the way men and women design business and christmas cards came up with some interesting findings in 2001, to date they have not been contested. The study looked at the graphic design of business card created by male designer and found them more often to be standard size and on a white background, than those made by female designers where unconventional sizes and colour was more frequently used.

The study came up with the following statistically significant findings:

  • Men tended to work in a more linear form.
  • Women more interested in and adventurous with colour
  • Men work more technically and three-dimensional
  • Men are more concerned with functionality and women with aesthetics
  • When choosing human forms, both genders choose to depict their own gender

What I find interesting that this reflect some discussions I have had recently about a website gamification project, where the male technical people were first and foremost concerned with functionality and for some of the female team members making it look good, intuitive and colourful was a major point.

Have you experienced these differences on gamification projects?

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