Friday Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: 83% of consumer buying decisions are made by women

Friday Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: 83 % of consumer buying decisions are made by women

With a lot of gamification efforts made in marketing and sales, here are some interesting statistics first introduced by Tom Peters in his book Re-Imagine dating back nearly a decade:

83% of overal consumer purchases

94% of home furnishings

92% of vacations

91% of houses

80% of DIY projects

60% of cars

89% of bank accounts

80% of heath care

All of the above buying decisions are made by women.

More recent numbers still tell the same story, namely that the buying decision making process is fundamentally different between men and women. Women look for connections, relationships and will put the holistic perspective above that of self-gain. In a recent article in Harvard Business Review (Sept 2013), Deloitte consultants experiences told them that women see the request for proposal process in a B2B setting as a starting point for discussion and with further issues becoming clear also an opportunity to create a better solution with multiple win experiences. Men on the other hand see the same process as a negotiation of details and closing the deal. With more and more ladies in B2B purchasing positions and a lot of gamification initiatives aimed at HR and L&D, which are female dominated roles, make sure you pay attention to the holistic viewpoint of ladies.

How does this relate to the world of gamification and the engagement experience building economy?

Well these statistics are rather clear in my view, you want to make sure that not only your male population but also your female audience is included from the very start of your gamification process. To develop a holistic experience where everybody gains, ideally women will give a valuable input, where you want very specific and focused feedback turn to your male audiences. The thing is in order to create a balanced system for both sides, you want to make sure both sides of the gender spectrum give input and weighting is equal when it comes to experiences and engagement related decisions.

We would love to know your experiences of dealing with ladies in gamification and the experience economy. What have you done to engage the ladies?


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