Friday feminine gamification viewpoint: Mr Smith’s lesson

Friday feminine gamification viewpoint: Mr Smith’s lesson

When it comes to product and solution development, what often happens is that a soft layer of pink is attached or added to make it attractive to women. The Women Buying Power Conference put together the following short video clip, which I believe is also a great approach on engaging women in the gamification design process.

With the following statistics affecting businesses, it is worthwhile to pay attention to what Mr Smith has learned along the way:

80% of all consumer purchases
55% of all home electronics purchases
94% of all interior decorations purchases
89% of all financial purchases
92% of all holiday trips decisions
90% of all car purchases (by influence)

Ref. Boston Consulting Group 2010, Nielsen DK 2012, Aller Group 2010

[video_player type=”embed” width=”500″ height=”281″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]PGlmcmFtZSBzcmM9Ii8vcGxheWVyLnZpbWVvLmNvbS92aWRlby84ODA0MzA3NiIgd2lkdGg9IjUwMCIgaGVpZ2h0PSIyODEiIGZyYW1lYm9yZGVyPSIwIiB3ZWJraXRhbGxvd2Z1bGxzY3JlZW4gbW96YWxsb3dmdWxsc2NyZWVuIGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj48L2lmcmFtZT4gPHA+PGEgaHJlZj0iaHR0cDovL3ZpbWVvLmNvbS84ODA0MzA3NiI+TXIgU21pdGggLSB3b21lbiBtZWFuIGJ1c2luZXNzPC9hPiBmcm9tIDxhIGhyZWY9Imh0dHA6Ly92aW1lby5jb20vZGVzaWducGVvcGxlIj5kZXNpZ24tcGVvcGxlPC9hPiBvbiA8YSBocmVmPSJodHRwczovL3ZpbWVvLmNvbSI+VmltZW88L2E+LjwvcD4=[/video_player]

What are you going to do based on Mr Smith’s lesson?

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