Game design thinking from Amy Jo Kim

Feminine gamification viewpoint: Game design thinking with Amy Jo Kim

In our feminine gamification viewpoint theme, I share sometimes my won thoughts and often research as well as inspirational female role models. One lady who I would recommend looking into is Amy Jo Kim, she is a leading game designer and works with gamification on a regular basis for start-ups and product design as well as large corporates. She shares some great advice on how to apply game thinking to your product design in the video below:

I love how she explain a non-zero sum game, where players collaborate to win together. In business gamification this is often overlooked in favour of the zero-sum game tools such as leaderboards with clear winners and losers. She encourages people to explore what will be fun for your client. She also points out that you can”t really learn a skill without feedback and how to use a core loop in your design.

What are your favourite concepts you picked up from this video?

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