Gamification Mechanic Monday: Abundance advantage

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Abundance advantage

The term abundance advantage is one I came up with myself, to describe an advantage which happens when you have a multitude of assets available to you in a game and an expensive asset becomes less expensive to use as a result. to sort of explain this a bit better, I am playing a good bit of Heartstone at the moment, a game created by Blizzard who are ask behind World of Warcraft and other titles.

In Heartstone some of the hard hitting cards usually eat up 10 or 12 of your mana (asset quantity), but if you hold a large number of cards the cost price of playing these types of cards becomes lower. So instead of it costing me 12 manna to play that one and only card, by holding 4 or 5 other cards in my hand it now costs only 7 or 8, which means I can use it earlier in the game and it can give me a distinct advantage.

mountain giant

When looking at implementing this game mechanic in a loyalty program for example, can you offer special reductions for members with a high number of points that they have accumulated. In a learning management system, can you make additional special levels available for those with regular return visits or unlock special areas based on an earned advantage.

Where else could you use this technique?



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