Gamification Mechanic Monday: Award ceremonies

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Award ceremonies

As the Oscar parties are probably drawing to a close, award ceremonies like them require achievement, peer and/or specialist recognition and it has significant value and status to earn an Oscar. There are multiple motivational drivers at play as well as game elements.

The build up to the Oscars is enormous, even just getting nominated is a massive recognition and honour. The shortlist is like an industry leaderboard for a particular year with the top spot winning an awesome recognition. The social proof confirmation that follows a nomination in all media adds to the excitement and pressure and makes the speculation game in all it’s aspects a great side-game for all in entertainment. The fact that in each category only one winner will walk away with the much coveted gold statue adds to the scarcity motivation, yet if you have made it onto the list you probably also have the hope of winning. It makes you as a nominee part of an elite member’s club and even more exclusive once you have won the Oscar.

Award ceremonies

Attendance at the event is essential if you want to be considered a serious actor or actress, which is playing into further social proof, but also a fear of missing out if you don’t show for the big event. For the ladies primarily the dressing up and looking the part, nearly forms a competition all of it’s own and fashionista’s the world over are ready to judge and comment on this non-leaderboard but yet highly competitive game. Designers are looking for rising stars and lead actresses to wear their brand, because the whole world is watching and it is a great honour to assist in making someone look special on the red carpet, whether they wear your dress, jewellery or shoes.

The core drivers for this event are definitely achievement, social proof and scarcity. The obvious game elements used to evoke these drivers include a shortlist, special recognition (only one winner per category), peer and expert recognition, bragging rights for those on the list and thank you aka acceptance speeches, the ceremony itself reinforces the win importance, the exclusivity factor builds on the scarcity of becoming part of this elite club. I am sure there is covert game play going on throughout the nomination season, which adds to the innuendo and suspense and it is what makes us all stay up very late here in Europe to watch this crazy game.

Who was your winner this year?

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