Gamification Mechanic Monday: beat your friends

Gamification Mechanic Monday: beat your friends

Over the Christmas period I started playing a new casual game called “Blossoms”, it is similar to it’s company relatives candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga from the King brand. One of the things the game keeps asking me is to tell my friends I beat them at any particular level I complete with a higher score than them. I have to admit with some friends this would work well and be a fun game inside the game, but when I don’t know some people very well I am very reluctant to use the technique.

The nature of the game is casual and friendly, so the messaging is relatively similar. In shooter games you may encounter a much more aggressive bragging and trash talking with intimidation as one of the game strategies.

When it comes applying this mechanic to gamification in an enterprise setting, I would recommend keeping it respectful for all. I have seen this work well in sales environments where challenges and quests are often the order of the day and an element of competition talk will regularly take place. For compliance you may have the same method to encourage quality adherence, even when competitive talk here may be more unusual. First to adhere in full and at top quality earns the right to brag about it, consider it an internal award.

The key to making this work is to make the bragging rights meaningful and about something that has been achieved.
Where else could you apply this gamification mechanic in business?

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