Gamification Mechanic Monday: Curve balls

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Curve balls

In shooter games you can sometimes earn the power or acquire the power to adjust the trajectory of your shot after shooting it, in some games you can even have it make a full curve. the underlying assumption is that shooting typically follows a straight line and the same with throwing a ball that it by and large follows a predictable path, which is not easily adjustable. In the analogy to business we are often thrown curve balls and need to handle them on the fly no matter how well prepared we are normally. But imagine being able to adjust your course of action based on information you receive after you have started, which may differ from the original assumptions made, in most cases it requires a few meetings to adjust the action, in a game just an additional power.

If I am struggling with things, I will often look for game analogies to explain what is happening or rationalise at some level how to deal with it and what my options will be. It is something I have been doing since I was small so the more games I am exposed to better my analogy powers have become.

In projects having to adjust your course based on recently received new information is nothing new, in traditional project management it would be called a change requests in agile developments you may just opt for a new sprint to incorporate the new information rather than going through lengthy documentation which may still be outdated by the time you reach the next stage.

Where would you use an adjustable curve on your shots?

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