Gamification Mechanic Monday: High five

Gamification Mechanic Monday: High five

Following from the team quest last week, when achievement is reached a team high five to celebrate would be highly appropriate. It is a way of saying job well done and encourages a positive feeling about the activity completed.

At motivational seminars it is often a technique used to get the audience mingling and celebrate learning a chunk of information. The physical movement of the high five also brings arms over the head which gives the body signals similar to that of a power pose for strength. In a digital sense it is still positive to achieve.

A company who does it well in my view is Mailchimp through their monkey, who gives you high fives for creating and sending your message and then when you check back your open rate can also result in more positive messaging. In effect it makes you smile for a completing a task you were planning on doing anyway and it is consistent with their brand messaging.


Company systems in the companies I worked in didn’t yet include high fives or other positive messaging tools, but it would be a great addition if you ask me.

What’s the best example of high five’s you have seen?

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