Gamification Mechanic Monday: Lure

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Lure

With Pokemon Go continuing to capture the imagination and attention of many, one of the game mechanics can be an interesting tool for use in your business and attract more footfall. The “Lure” option can attract collectible Pokemon to the location where the Lure is activated. Each ‘Lure’ lasts for 30 minutes. The lure game mechanic basically makes the likelihood of catching a Pokemon go up and attract the creatures to the lure location.

Players can activate it inside their app, so far I have earned an incense that can attract Pokemon and in in-game shop you can buy more lures.

When your business relies on footfall, it is a great way to attract more people in. Now also understand that a lot of them may not be buying, just hanging out with their mobile phone. In order to tap into this trend, make a special Pokemon Go offer especially if you have food or drinks to sell this can be a great way to boost your customer base.

If you were to transfer this to business gamification, where could you activate something that would increase the likelihood of people achieving their targets. In one call centre on hot day, a call target was set to earn the whole team ice cream on the house. The first person to hit the target also got the rest of the afternoon off, so the competition was immediately high and all earned ice cream.

What will you do to lure more productivity or people to your business?

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