Gamification Mechanic Monday: Moat

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Moat

In games where you build a castle you will also have the opportunity to build a moat or potentially it is pre-existing. The moat offers an extra layer of defence or protection in the case of an attack. Challenger will have to safely cross the moat as well as break into your castle walls, before they can positively cause damage and attack you.

Translated into business terms I would suggest: Can your employees or customers earn access to your inner castle? How would they have to behave in order to get there and what will give them passage to the next level, considering it is likely exclusive and the privilege can be taken away at any given time. The term also inherently brings with it an element of challenge and difficulty, so a sense of achievement may well exist when passage is made successfully.

From a motivational perspective this game element plays heavily on scarcity.

Where have you seen a moat in business?

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