Gamification Mechanic Monday: Repetition

Gamification Mechanic Monday: repetition

To achieve mastery and breeze through levels in a game, a lot of repetition is needed of some of the base mechanics of the game. Although it may sound boring in itself, most masters have become the best by training and repeating similar circumstances. It is not surprising that often the best teams and best athletes have drilled the basics every training session for weeks and months on end. To move up in levels in most games there is an element of grunt-work or repetition that needs to take place.

In gamification it is often said that game elements will get rid of the boringness of work and I would say, some processes will be made less tedious, but repetition will remain. I find having to repeat the same level over and over again until I make it in a game extremely boring, yet I would continue because I am curious to find out what comes next as well as achieve a new level in a game. So in order to create that sense of curiosity of what comes next or a sense of achievement for completion of a level is what I see key in adding gamification to business processes.

Repetition without purpose is in my view the boring element, when it has a clear link to a path to mastery it becomes interesting. The number of repetitions before moving forward will also affect how people perceive the experience.  Tapping into the inherent motivation of the player is the key, why do they want to repeat the process and to make that motivation enhanced even if repetition is part of play. The athlete that wants to be the best, knows training is essential and will do what it takes to earn his/her reward, but there also will be days when they don’t feel superbly motivated and may need encouragement and reminding what the end goal is. I believe at that point gamification can have a high impact.

Where have you found repetition enhanced through gamification?


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  1. Great post An!

    I was thinking that grinding and doing repetitive tasks is way more less boring when relevant and satisfying feedback is provided. Did I get any closer to mastering the objective? How much more does it take it before I level up or unlock that milestone. Without the right feedback I will be discouraged and bored. But that itchy feeling of soon there, i have to make it, is a fine drive to. Given the feedback is right! Thanks for Game mechanics Monday!

  2. I agree feedback often provides the additional encourage needed to make repetition more enjoyable. Just like a bigger purpose, an continuous improvement through feedback will also play a role in the combination of gamification mechanics.

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