Gamification Mechanic Monday: Social Ranking

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Social Ranking

Whether we like it or not business is social, we always will need to interact with colleagues, clients and  suppliers in order to succeed in a work scenario. Psychologically speaking peer pressure is a stronger motivator than competing with anonymous others. Personally I believe that is why social gaming has taken off in such a big way, because friends recommend games for you to play and then when the game is good, you tend to try and stay ahead of certain friends, beat others, etc.

How we measure up against others is mainly done through our own frame of reference and our own peer group plays a significant part in this. So social ranking is a powerful technique, because it is so closely linked to peer groups and we are working towards staying in a group.

In sales and customer service environments, you often see agents measuring themselves against their best friend in work, how can they beat them or remain on a similar level, it often comes with relevant banter and joking about being on their tail or pipping them at the post.

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Where could you introduce a bit of peer banter through social ranking?

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