Gamification Mechanic Monday: tools for higher levels

Gamification Mechanic Monday: tools for higher levels

For most games with levels the types of tools you are offered will increase with the increase of your level. You gradually build up the skills of players, before they earn their additional powers. It then favours the more advanced player to win more and games remain engaging for the more advanced users. If you don’t offer this opportunity you lose out on the opportunity to build a sense of achievement but also a sense of power because they are in the game longer.

In enterprise gamification, you also want to include additional tools or vary the access to boosters for more experienced users. You may even from the outset design separate experience journeys based on level of tenure, skill or experience. This will maximise engagement and will keep something new when you grow in the organisation. In most loyalty programs you will see different rewards and access benefits based on the level of loyalty achieved.

What are your favourite tools and boosters to engage the experienced users?

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