Gamification Mechanic Monday: Trading systems

Trading systems

Imaging the economy as a game, the trading system is that we give time to an organisation in return for money or we trade money in return for goods or services. Well, the gamification mechanic today is a trading system. For example in a loyalty scheme you could trade earned points for goods or services, in some companies employees can earn points or virtual currency to trade against a day off, or another benefit.

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The key to making a system work is that it has something of value that a user wants, otherwise you may offer as many trade-able items as you like, but if they are not aligned with things the user wants, it tends to be a wasted effort. Some people will never trade anything, but you want to appeal to the majority that will. You may need a social engagement campaign to remind people you are there and that they have a connection with you. This is why most frequent flier programs also have a newsletter to keep you coming back as well as remind you that you have point to earn and to spend.

What can people you interact with regularly earn firstly and then trade? (oh and in my view it should be beyond  just time for money or money for goods)

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