Gamification stuff we love: Dietbet

Gamification stuff we love: Dietbet

Imagine placing a bet for you to commit to losing weight and then when you reach your target, getting paid for your achievement. Dietbet allows you to do exactly this. You can join 3 types of bets, the kickstarter sets you up to lose 4% of your bodyweight in 4 weeks, the transformer challenges you to lose 10% in 6 months and the maintainer for people looking to keep it off for 12 months. Committing to the bet is the first step, then after that you choose to join a game, which typically is a weight loss program with other people and supported by a health coach. When you join a game, you add to the pot which is divided amongst all those that achieve the weight loss goal, you have the option to commit to low or high stakes in betting money.

The feedback loops keep you informed of your progress and some thought was also put in to prevent cheating with images and scales. Dietbet also created a community aspect to losing weight in this fun way as well as having accountability to your fellow gamers and the coach. You can invite friends to join a game and they then can opt in and accept the challenge. Players can become the MVP in a game by taking and sharing their action, proof of action is checked at different intervals.

The social aspect and community feel with support systems I feel is very appealing to what seems a largely female target audience. Setting a goal and committing too it with a professional and the feedback loops are great for motivation. The potential to win money is one driver and possibly in the game of weight loss, losing out and losing face may well be the stronger driver.

Have a look and check it out, the testimonials already tell their own story that this diet game works for some people.

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