Gamification stuff we love: FluxScore

Gamification stuff we love: FluxScore

Driver insurance is expensive at the best of times and for young drivers in particular. FluxScore offers a black box to be fitted on your car dashboard and a smartphone app that could help you to save money on your insurance by giving you daily updates and rewarding good driving with lower renewal premiums.

By scoring your driving each day and letting you know what you’ve done well and where you can improve, our app can help you to be a safer driver, and show you how much you could save on your renewal by continuing to drive well. At the end of each day, your daily points total is used to determine how safe you’ve been on the road, and a notification will be sent to your phone to let you know how your day’s driving has affected your renewal premium – with a good annual score potentially saving you up to 60% on your insurance next year.

If you make too many mistakes, such as breaking the speed limit, we’ll send warning notifications to your phone and email you a link to our customer portal where you can view maps of the journeys you’ve made, and see where you went wrong.

By sending you daily updates via your smartphone, the FluxScore app could help you to save money on your renewal premiums. Each day, when your total points are calculated, the app will give you a prediction of what your premium will be if you drive well each day between now and your renewal. Drivers can then use the app to track their savings across the year, discover what bad habits are making them more expensive to insure, and compete with themselves to reach better scores every day, and to save more money.

Every named driver on the policy has access to the app and customer portal, making FluxScore useful insurance for young drivers who need their parents on their policy, or for parents who want to monitor their son or daughter’s driving.

Speaking to a parent at an event yesterday, he explained that his daughter who is on a monthly renewable young driver insurance policy and she pays a different amount based on her driving behaviour. There is obviously a base insurance fee, but for good driving behaviour it will remain just that, the opposite brings the monthly fee up. It is real time feedback where it impacts most, namely the monthly budget.

In my view this is a great way of encouraging good driving behaviour with a reward that makes total sense for all involved. Great to see gamification used for this purpose.

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