Gamification stuff we love: Game-Learn

Gamification stuff we love: Game-learn

After Learning Technologies I promised to delve deeper into a number of tools and let you know more about it. One that has impressed me when I looked into it further are the learning games from Game Learn from Spain. They have chosen to focus on soft skills through video games, where you as the player take on a persona and are faced with a number of realistic challenges.

For example you take on the persona of a medieval trader and negotiate your way to deals, however trust levels need to be kept at an optimal point in order to be successful. I really like the instant feedback on your performance and by taking it away from every day deals, you can learn without prejudice. Here is a flavour of what Game Learn offers in terms of negotiation skills:

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Game Learn also offers a gamified app for meeting management, at first glance I felt there are a lot of stick or away from motivators built in such as time and cost penalties. Saying that if a meeting culture exists within a company, this may well put things into perspective. I can see why organisations would want it and at the same time why employees would hate it. On the positive side it is built on good basics such as setting objectives and agenda with allocated time, pre-meeting prep work etc. The app also gives meeting participants the opportunity to rate and give feedback on the meetings, whether objectives were met and if anything could have improved the meeting. Whilst full transparency is a good thing, this one in my view may be one to watch and implement with care. I have worked in organisations where a whole team has ganged up on a manager and their feedback would be consistently negative, whilst in most cases they were also at fault for not taking ownership of some of the mistakes, so in this context I would be careful how this kind of app would be used.

Have a look at what is possible with Game Learn’s Brilliant Meeting app:

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  1. My company gave me the chance to take a part in a cohort and I just loved Triskelion, a productivity and time management video game. I think it was developed by Game Learn too. It literally changed my life!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Maria, indeed Triskelion is indeed also created by Game Learn and aims at productivity and time management

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