Gamification stuff we love: Tracking trends

Gamification stuff we love: tracking trends

Feedback and transparency is one way to drive information as well as motivation in a gamification context. In most enterprise settings we don’t have any idea of what’s living amongst people, because companies manage the grapevine. Events tend to have a better or bigger opportunity to have live data tracking and the World Economic Forum in Davos did this particularly well with their WEFlive feed created by KPMG. The size of the bubble gives an idea of the activity on the topic and when different topics were introduced, the feed tended to change to the respective topic.

As a gamification technique dashboards and trends tracking are often enough to encourage best possible behaviour. What the twitter feed at the World Economic Forum did was give an idea of the top discussions, where the discussion is taking place and the sentiment of the discussions. To see the detailed breakdown behind the trends you need to click on the weflive link and go to the stats page. So in a way you could as someone who isn’t at the event get an idea of what was going on and alive for the participants and join the conversation.

I was watching the interview with Wil.Iam on Friday and the spike in twitter was enormous during and immediately following the event. He has a younger demographic following and it was clear that his words hit a nerve and he was very much part of the conversation. In some way he showed world leaders how it’s done. Saying Bill Gates was most often retweeted and also took part in conversation.

What is your favourite tracking tool?

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