Gamification stuff we love: 3Radical

Gamification stuff we love: 3Radical

A few weeks ago I hosted a panel discussion on BrightTalk on the subject of Mobile Gamification as the future for customer engagement. Mike Talbot and Chris Tew both panel members represented 3Radical which is also the name of their marketing related gamification platform. It actually combines everything you would want in a gamified marketing mix for the 21st century with geolocation, social media targeted profiling, in the moment offers, even in store spinning wheel games to receive an instant prize or money off coupon etc. Both retailers and customers gain and from a marketing perspective you have all the tools in one place to construct a very exciting and modern campaign with the big data that game analytics can bring to the table.

A bank card customer uses the 3Radical platform to offer it’s card owners special discounts and rewards based on the level of card they have, games they can play on the spot, geo-locators placed in the ATM machines and push messaging based on geolocation and customer profile preferences. Effectively with the aim to make the customer spend more and experience more of what the card company already knows you like.

The video clip below, shows how the platform can be used for special shopping centre events, where multiple brands vie for the attention of shoppers, there are some impressive data included, so if you want to know the results then this is video worth exploring:

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Would you play a game in store if it could earn you a discount?

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