Gamification stuff we love: Chennai Express

Gamification stuff we love: Chennai Express

Movie marketing is becoming increasingly engaging and can mean the make or break of a movie. In India the movie Chennai Express became a box office hit aided by a social media focused marketing campaign, which included gamification, social mood measuring, data analysis, mobile game, interactive video and regular media. So to say the least the campaign was comprehensive.

Imagine having to join forces with other Twitter user to make a train move as fast as possible on a virtual train track in order to unlock a trailer for the movie. A virtual karaoke machine allowed you to share your renditions of songs from the movie on Facebook. Or you could decide the plot of an interactive story on how one train passenger could charm another.

The campaign measured a 65% positive rating on mood sensing tracking on social channels, only 4% negative and 31% neutral. Chennai express generated over 750,000 tweets in a 90 day period resulting in over 1 billion cumulative impressions. The buzz generated was 600% higher than ever before for a movie and the box office takings on the opening weekend were up 500%.

Gamification, social media, data analytics and great storytelling all played a role to make these impressive results happen. The lovely people from eMee with the technology behind this success story also make the way they made it happen available in a downloadable case study.

What movie campaigns have impressed you lately with their multi-faceted approach?

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