Gamified book publishing

Gamified book publishing

With the publishing industry fundamentally changing, because of the appearance of e-books both the physical versions and e-versions of books can now be made in the gamified books. A the London Book Fair earlier this year Is aw some interesting innovations and then later at App world equally interesting apps that allow the reader experience to be enhanced with images, interactive links, movies and quests to name a few. While these options are great to have, my belief is still with the reader experience still being the most important.

Just because you can enhance the experience doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to. In fact I read some books with the assistance of quests and at time the quest became a nuisance and I left the book down until I was in a better frame of mind for attacking the challenge. My thinking is that you want to know your audience aka your reader fairly well in order to tailor the level of engagement you are seeking to encourage. By making more options available you may indeed alienate some readers if these changes are enforced, so my advice would be to let them opt in by choice always and keep it simple.

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What books have you come across that have applied gamification concepts? How did you enjoy the experience?

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