Gamified home-schooling and what games teach

Gamified home-schooling

Gamification has become a big buzzword in the world of learning and in my short clip on the topic I share how I would use a deck of cards and a traditional board game of snakes and ladders to guide a child’s home-schooling. A friend of mine recently took her children out of school and started travelling the world with them and homeschooling them, which I believe is a fab way of learning from reality. They are tailoring it to the interests of the moment and with a new environment there are lots of new items to learn. Go for it is all I would say!


Learning through games

When I share a clip like the previous one, I also have had interesting conversations at networking events about the value of games and gaming for your child’s development. I come from the school of thought that learning should be fun and doesn’t have to come in a standard classroom type format. The video expands on this idea and sort of tied in nicely with the topic of homeschooling that I felt the two are best seen as a continuation of each other. I called it the parenting debate because in the end of the day the parents decide a lot on when children play or what games are acceptable for learning. Always remember learning styles can be different from one child to another and generations do evolve in their methods, so be open minded either way.


How do you see home-schooling and learning from games?

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