Personalisation and personification of your services or products is something to pay attention to as a trend for the future. If you have ever been in a sales conversation, you may have heard the comment “I know you do this for that company, now we want something like that but we are quite different”.  In my learning and development work even with teams in the same organisation especially when you work around Europe, I heard this every single time. My first response is always, to follow up with a question namely “what makes you different?”. This both acknowledges that fact that you may appreciate the difference and then allows the person to explain exactly what they find important as a differentiator.

Listening to the explanation and then ignoring it for future reference is basically equivalent to dismissing their request and unfortunately this happens more often than not. My recommendation is to use it from a fun perspective and build in the differences to your content delivery if it is a course or the way you deliver the service when you are in sales. By using the information that was volunteered to you, you are actually making the client feel valued and special, because you took on board their message. It is remarkably uncommon in business and it is often the client knowledge the sales person forgets to pass along as part of the processing of an order.

The current generation of workers, has often been dubbed as ‘planet ME’, for that reason alone, paying attention to individual needs is important. If a tweaked version of your service or product is possible, then absolutely insist on doing this because it builds a deeper relationship and the client is more likely to recommend your service or product. With the amount of data available on individuals through social media, tailoring can be done even without comments from the individual. If you send a welcome gift or thank you gift for buying to stimulate a “surprise and delight” response, then tailoring it to the interests of the individual will increase your connection with that person.

Personification is actually looking at your company through the lens of an alter ego, which ideally is an extreme example of  someone your clients can identify with. It allows you to share more edgy comments about your service or brand.  For example talking cars may be very relevant for an online service to with car maintenance and repairs. An entertaining conversation with a shiny new car and the more rugged looking tow truck mechanic, like you could see in the movie “Cars”, could well address all the supposedly ‘silly questions’ customers regularly have. At a recent networking event I came across Grandma Mary – the alter ego of social media coach Andrea Vahl. Andrea is definitely an expert in the field of social media and she uses ‘cranky crazy Grandma Mary’ to answer some pertinent questions as well as moan about what we all moan about on social media, but then ends up giving tips and tricks at the same time. I highly recommend you watch the video clip titled: Grandma Mary Says “Don’t be afraid to be different”, which illustrates my point beautifully.

Did you know that adults retain information better when it is presented in a fun way?

What fun characters have you come across in business?



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