Podcast 4: Where to start with gamification?

Podcast 4: Where to start with gamification?

When companies decide they want to embark on a gamification strategy the next question is often, where should they start. In this podcast we answer the question and the considerations to take into account when starting a gamification project.

Where and how did you start your gamification project?

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 4: Where to start with gamification?”

  1. An,

    Great podcast. The first thing a company needs to do before implementing any Gamification system is to establish their goals or objectives that they want to obtain from it. Without it, it is like putting up a blank target and telling people to hit the bulls-eye.

    Dade Ronan

  2. Hi Dade,

    Indeed that's exactly what I want them to consider. Why, Who, What for, For what purpose….all come well before systems, platforms etc.
    Thank for your comment.

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