Gamification World Congress in Barcelona

Gamification World Congress (aka GWC) has been one of the most fabulous events of our industry, we have participated in the event as a speaker in their 2014 and 2015 edition and as a workshop host and an MC in 2016. It has been sorely missed from the conference line-up. (Is there a comeback in the making? If there is, you have my support 😉 )

Read up on what I find one of the best-organised events of our industry:
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Gamification World Congress 2014

The exciting part of this industry is that it unites people from a variety of skills backgrounds with a clear vision of making life, learning and business a better experience

You know you have had a great time, when coming home feels a bit empty and you miss the people, the conversations, the talks etc. Each of the 3 days had a different flavour with new information, exciting projects, crazy fun and much more.

Read more about my experience at the Gamification World Congress 2014 and have a look at the pictures of the event.

Gamification World Congress 2015

Tuesday was workshop day, so I had the chance to participate in workshops from Andrzej Marczewski, Yukai Chou, Chris Solarski and Monica Cornetti. 

Most of the workshops I chose were thankfully interactive, the best interaction came from Andrzej, who made us work through some real case studies with his card deck and methodology

Learn more about the workshops and talks of the Gamification World Congress 2015.
Feminine Gamification Viewpoint: see the full video of my presentation at the Gamification World Congress 2015.
Gamification world congress has to be one of the best organised events I attend, from the pre-conference communication to travel and accommodation arrangements and the event itself. Here are my reflections about the Gamification World Congress 2015

Gamification World Congress 2016

Each year at the Gamification World Congress the submitted projects are judged by a panel of industry experts, in the past I have been a member of the panel. It is great to see the effort that goes into gamification and engagement projects rewarded. Learn more about the Gamification Awards at Gamification World Congress 2016

Feminine gamification Viewpoint: read my final reflections about the Gamification World Congress 2016.

GWC 14 and 16

As most of you that have seen me live at a conference have noticed I use dance a lot to start of a talk or to get the energy moving in the room. The reason I started doing this was actually a man snoring in the audience, just before I was going on stage at the Gamification World Congress in 2014. Hence me running back to the AV guys and asking could they find the “Happy” song by Pharell Williams in a matter of urgency and put it on when I gave them a sign and off also. I asked the whole audience to stand up, and move along with their devices in the air or their empty hands to the music. It became a great fun and memorable experience for all and I kept up the fun dance to introduce talks at a lot of events.