The power of a good story

The power of good story

Great games, movies, books and presenters tend to have mastered the art of storytelling. In my view storytelling can enhance a brand quite significantly. If you look at the master story tellers, they create an element of suspense, usually the story involves a journey, ideally even a hero, which can be a person or an object.

Some of the great business story tellers in my view are Steve Jobs in terms of Apple marketing messages, Richard Branson not only his own story but that of his innovative branding and stunt work for product launches of Virgin brands, on the research end my top favourite is Hans Rosling (check out his Ted talk, in case you never heard of him), who can make absolutely every scientific fact an engaging journey through history, even if it is through chasing bubbles on a graph and creating excitement with it.


The questions for you on your gamification journey are:
– What stories do you have to tell?
– What journey have you or your company, your product been on?
– What journey would you like your customer to take?
– What are your favourite story lines from books, movies and games that you would like to introduce to your business?
– How can you present the stories associated with your company in the most engaging way?

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