Christmas Holiday Specials

It is the season to be jolly and thankful for all the year has brought us, spend time with family or take time out. We at Gamification Nation wish you and yours, the very best Christmas!

We worked hard and added some new tools into our offering this year, which we want to highlight in our Christmas 2022 campaign for you!

MillionMind Multi-Year Deals

MillionMind Quizzes entered into the Gamification Nation Europe family in December. It is a fully operational quiz and calendar creation platform, with in-built gamification to keep encouraging engagements for your lead generation campaign. To give a special welcome, we have created some amazing multi-year packages, which will expire at midnight on the 26th of December 2022. So act fast!

Reasons for choosing quizzes as a lead generation method:

  • Fun competition
  • Product education
  • Segmentation
  • Knowledge teasing
  • Engagement
  • Higher conversion than traditional techniques

The levels of engagement achieved with quizzes on our platform:
– Average time spent on a quiz by participants: 2 to 10 minutes
– Focus on only your brand
– 44% conversion sign ups
– High click-through on your main call to action at the end of your quiz
– 90% of players play more than once

Imagine starting 2023 with that kind of lead generation for your business!  

Currently, pricing is set to 18000 SEK per year (about $1720 USD/£1450 GBP/€1620) with an additional fee of 3sek per completed lead generation quiz. The platform already works perfectly in English and about 20 other European and Asian languages, the website however is a work in progress to get translated, so currently only in Swedish. We should hopefully be able to add English very soon too.

With 2023 promising to be a year where you will need to be active to stand out, quizzes to attract attention and get potential clients to engage with your brand will be once again very important to close sales and gain a following.

Our Christmas specials, get rid of the completion fees and give you a bit more money off the more years you buy in one go. You will continue to receive the same access throughout your subscription as well as avail of all the new features we have in store for you. Take the chance to lock in our best rate of today for several years:

€1500 for one year – Saving €120 and No additional per completion pricing
€3000 for 2 years – Saving €240 and No additional per completion pricing
€4500 for 3 years – Saving €360 and No additional per completion pricing

Deals expire at midnight on the 26th of December 2022!

*The offer applies to new customers of MillionMind, existing customers please contact us directly to have your existing plan extended to cover multiple years. Booking of this deal only available through and we will manually add you to the platform and onboard you to the platform.

Looking for a new owner for Carbon 0 Commute

We created Carbon 0 Commute to help smart cities launch challenges for the commuters in the 0-7km commuter belt to choose more carbon-friendly options. We built it as a pilot project for the SCIFI smart city initiative and then the pandemic hit, we completed the build but our target audience is mainly corporates and not really smart cities. So we are looking for a new home for this app, which we built with great love and intention so that somebody can make it their main focus and business.

We believe the combination of the mobile app, website and administration portal are basically a business in a box for someone with a network of contacts or willing to build one with smart cities. We think it is an opportunity ready to roll, seen that we are focusing in a different direction we want to find someone who is carbon conscious and enthusiastic to make this app their business.

Beautifully designed gamified app to assist smart cities to nudge commuters to the most carbon-friendly way of commuting. What makes this offer an ideal business opportunity for someone with a lot of contacts with smart cities or willing to build those, is the administration portal. Effectively through the portal, cities can keep a similar structure mobile experience, but a look that is tailored to their city only, reward and transport settings that are totally tailorable to your options and choices.

Included in the sale:

  • Beautifully designed mobile app, with the option to tailor styling for each city
  • Ready for deployment on IOS and Android
  • Website: (WordPress designed and domain name)
  • Geolocation allows for cities to set local rewards and achievements
  • Cities can enjoy setting their own rewards in the administrator app

You can read more about the app on its website:
Valued at £150,000 for all source code (mobile app and web administrator), WordPress website and domain name, and all design files.

Talk to us to find out more information