Your quiz made by us for your business

Do you simply not have the time or energy to draft up a quiz?

If you haven’t already tried our quiz, then this is your chance. You will also gain information on what quiz is best for your company.

Well worry no more, we will do all the hard work and make the quiz for you. We will need some basic information such as:

  • Purpose of the quiz
  • Your target audience aka who is the quiz for
  • What will they get from taking the quiz (score, report, product info, etc)
  • What will people get at the end of the quiz (coupon, free consultation, etc.)
  • Any brand guidelines or style guides

Once we have this information, we can go ahead and build a first version of your quiz in our software. We actually recommend that we set you up with a license for the platform, so you can tweak it later or even re-use the quiz at a later stage for new campaigns.

We use our partner platform to create your quiz, if you already have another quiz solution, we will try our best to work with that one too. Either way you will need to add our team to your license or platform in order to build the quiz.

“Best choice in lab leader at HR Tech World.”

An has proven to be our best choice in a lab leader on Gamification in HR. This year at HR Tech World Congress we scheduled over 190 speakers with amazing content but An stole the show with a packed workshop, which left little standing space and the attendees asking for more.

Steve George, HR Tech World

An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious.

An’s enthusiasm and knowledge for Gamification is infectious. During her talks I learnt so much about Gamification and how to use the science of gaming to motivate and inspire people in non-gaming situations. She created a really inspiring and lively environment where we were able to explore and learn how to implement gamification into real life business situations.

Lucy ignatiadis