Improve learning and retention of new skills in a playful way.


Create an engaged and motivated team with game mechanics.

Learn to code by fighting with monsters

Improve job mastery and skills with instant feedback

Replace behaviours with new ones through simple and engaging interfaces

The research is clear, gamification can help to create a more engaged workforce as well as enhance the employee experience. Get in touch for a chat about how we can help.

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“Winner of internal innovation award!”

Our client wanted to persuade their audience to use modern technology instead of classroom training. We created a demonstrator gamified learning journey to showcase how engaging gamified learning can be. This led them to win an internal innovation award and be shortlisted for Tiga Educational Games Award (2017).

"From classroom to gamified online training with 80% completion rates"

An IT company wanted to bring their VIP training day for agency resellers online due to Covid-19 restrictions. We created a gamified online learning experience that progressed with varying levels of intensity over 6 months. Engagement and completion were the core objectives.