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Gamification Nation remains open for business, our business model has always been to support our clients remotely and when we are not in lockdown mode, of course, in normal times we see our clients occasionally face-to-face too. The whole team felt strongly that we wanted to do something to help people struggling with their time now mainly spent at home be it working or just staying safe. On this page, you will find our free to play and download solutions which the team has prepared.
If you like them and are getting great value out of them, feel free to donate us some much-needed funds to keep our team working together. Like most businesses, some of our projects have been affected by the virus, so all donations will be split equally between the team. Better again if you have a project, we would love to talk to you so pick up the phone or send us a mail and we will be all over it.

An Coppens (Chief Game Changer, aka CEO at Gamification Nation)

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Covid-19 Myths buster – What is true and what is false?

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A planet called Hope

The idea for the board game is that first, you download it, print it, cut it to size and if you like colour it too… then you play it together either in the same room or over the internet in different places. Here is the story:

Earth was a great first try for civilisation, but ultimately, overpopulation lead to a scarcity of resources that humanity just couldn’t cope with (and the droughts, fires, floods, insect swarms and pandemics didn’t help much either). 

Thankfully, you are in charge of one of the first big corporations to realise that we need to make a new start, on a recently discovered planet called “Hope”! 

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