Gamification Stuff we love: Multipoly – recruitment game

  4th June, 2014 By An Coppens

Gamification Stuff we Love Wednesday: Multipoly – recruitment game for PWC Hungary

We are interested in gamified recruitment, have written a book on recruiting IT talent and dedicated a full online course to the topic, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we loved the the recruitment simulation presented by PWC Hungary and Games for Business at the Gamification in HR conference in Paris (#GamifyHR) this May 2014.

Multipoly invites graduates and students on Facebook to find out more about working at the multinational accountancy and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers operating in Hungary. Players of the virtual reality participate in the online world of PwC as trainees. Their one year professional traineeship is divided into four quarters, with different objectives defined for the players in each term. They must attend trainings, join a community, negotiate with clients, and solve numerous exciting tasks.

Throughout the process players will participate in regular work scenarios complete psychometric tests and scenarios that are very similar to those experienced in an assessment centre. The virtual environment on the outside looks like the building of PwC in reality and players can move throughout the building to explore further tasks, meet with their mentor and learn. The players can test out different roles and find out about various department.

From a business perspective, they saved time and money by going virtual and found suitable young candidates with realistic expectations. Throughout the simulation the recruiting manager also learns a lot about the candidate and their working style, just as they would when they would receive a full report from an assessment centre.

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From a gamification perspective the simulation is built like a virtual reality game where you play in the first person to find out what it would be like to work at the company. A virtual coach sets you missions or goals and they also give you feedback on your performance. You can test how you are doing against others in the game and invite friends to take part too. At any given time you can also check your progress against tasks and how you are positioned in a leaderboard.

From speaking with Games for Business, the game is completely modular, which means you can incorporate only what suits your business and everything is tailored to be integrated with your existing content. In fact we were really impressed with this simulation and have joined Games for Business as a partner. If you would like to explore a virtual simulation for your recruitment process, contact us and we can give you a demo based on this particular example or you can check out more on the Games for Business website.

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What virtual reality tools have you used or are you considering in your recruitment process?

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