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Hybrid working (the mix of working in the office and from home) is changing the way we work.
Manage, motivate and engage your teams with our digital hybrid working package.
All the bases covered at just £25 per employee per month.
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Why sign up?

Access to 4 apps covering employee recognition, team building, skills development and team insights.

Nurture skills and confidence in your workforce.

Help your teams grow and strengthen.

Fully-digital apps to support remote and hybrid working.

What’s included?


Teams that play together, stay together. Games build connections and most important of all, they make people talk to each other!

Bring the teabreak online with a regular quiz

Let your teams form friendships by working together to answer trivia based on a wide range of subjects.


Be on the pulse with how your teams are feeling, improve employee wellbeing and recognise different personalities.

Strengthen the skills and abilities of your employees

Gain valuable insights into how your teams can best work with each other. Discover new potential and help your employees unlock skills they never knew they had.


Let your employees feel recognised, maintaining team spirit in a positive place.

A new kind of peer recognition for digital teams

Recognise extraordinary commitment in the form of a digital ‘bravo’ with this simple and effective online tool.


Enhance knowledge with interactive platforms, engaging quizzes and infographics.

Increase knowledge retention and make learning easier

Enable your employees to test their knowledge by answering a series of quiz questions, receive a score then generate a memorable infographic to read up on key points.

Is your team hybrid-working ready?

Every team does hybrid working differently, but are you doing everything you can to get the most out of your people?

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We believe in happy, inclusive teams

The world has changed a lot since 2020, more companies are choosing to let their teams work remotely or in a hybrid way.
Gamification can help bring teams together and make a better working environment, no matter where in the world your employees are based.

This package is best for:

Managing multiple team members
Digital-first organisations
Remote and hybrid working employees

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