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I’d been in business for quite many years, serving different causes, before it finally hit me:

Business for most people… is boring! (Even for the ones most invested in it…)

This realization caused me to see what most companies are lacking.

It’s not better salespeople, better marketing… or even better strategy.

What they need is to make business feel less serious.
To make it easier to navigate on a daily basis.

THIS is what Gamification actually does!

Recent research more than adequately backs up my realization:

According to independent research company M2Research,
Gamification can have the following impact:

  • Increase user engagement (47%)
  • Increase brand loyalty (22%)
  • Increase brand awareness (15%)
  • Improve motivation (9%)
  • Employee training (7%)

That’s some good data, don’t you agree? Who wouldn’t like to have such numbers.

But we know and have access to MUCH more than cold research data. We’ve helped countless companies adapt gamification in their business, and the results have been astonishing.

You’ll be surprised to see how many different, diverse industries and
practical uses our clients have actually applied gamification in:

  • E-learning
  • Training and coaching, sales
  • Recruitment
  • Websites and apps
  • Finance compliance
  • Employee well being

…and a range of other wildly different scenarios. So ‘my business is different’ will NOT apply.

The results to date have been nothing short of amazing!

See just a small sampling of what our clients have had to say after implementing our Gamification Solutions:

“Our people now want to do training, just for the surprise and fun elements”

“Web visitors are exploring more pages than before”

“We have a lot more feedback in our internal community”

“Our expenses are now done on time thanks to a bit of team peer pressure fun”

“It is actually raising team interactions as well as employee well-being internationally in our 35 country wide organization”

Sounds good so far? Well, it’s about to get even better even if you’re not our client yet.

Because we couldn’t possibly help everyone asking us to consult them, we’ve put together this Gamification DIY program.

This ongoing program is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’ve decided to implement gamification as part of your app, website, e-learning, HR, sales, marketing or internal business process.
  • You’d love to get expert input, but the budget you have available would not cover a gamification designer.
  • You have trouble making progress or prioritising, even though you have great and innovative ideas.
  • You’d love to bounce ideas off of experts who understand gamification and will warn you if you are running down the wrong track.

If the above describes you, you’re cordially invited to take advantage of our Community Membership for £497 annual subscription. (If you prefer a monthly payment, just ask)

What you’ll get access to every month:

  • A Structured Gamification Process: we have created a gamification design 6 step process, which we will guide you through step by step. It will include encouragement and work from your side.
  • An Almost Endless Gamification Information Source to tap into. You get everything from gamification design recipes or architectures we have used, to a database of game elements, online courses and other things we invent to help you on your journey.
  • A Lively Network of Like-Minded Individuals on a similar journey, we strongly encourage peer reviews, idea feedback and our chief game changer (also listed in the top 10 of global gamification gurus) will put in her two-thousand pound worth of feedback
  • Experience Gamification First Hand! Because we’ve actually gone and gamified our own community, so you’ll get an idea for what it could look and feel like for your business.
  • Achievable Bite-Sized Milestones with encouraging rewards and missions to drive you forward. No gamifier left behind!
  • Regular Reviews Of Tools – both free and paid – that can help you achieve your objectives and bring your Gamification project to successful implementation.

When you think about it, the only thing better would be to have someone do Gamification for you.

But since we couldn’t possibly do this for everyone that asks, this is the next best thing.

In fact, if you’re inclined to do things yourself, it’s even BETTER!

Expert advice, ready-made processes, peer support, tools and progress tracking… what more could you need or ask for?

If you know you’re at least interested in the benefits Gamification can offer – greater engagement, loyalty, branding and outright FUN – start today!




An Coppens,
Founder, Gamification Nation

PS. Regardless of why you’re attracted to implement gamification in your business, you can be sure someone has already done what you’re looking to do. That’s why a continuous monthly membership in a community like this is so valuable! You can ask questions and get real answers right away without having to browse around, guess which expert to trust, who to model and more. Just come on in and enjoy the company, and follow the plan we’ve laid out for you. I’ll see you inside!

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Buy your game deck

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Must Buy Book: Tapping into the Crowd by An Coppens

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