QuizGraphic – our version of snack-sized eLearning content

We know adults learn better when their curiosity is raised, that is why we start our learning content with a knowledge quiz. We assume most adults will have some awareness and knowledge about the areas we are quizzing them about. Then once they know their score, we fill in the blanks with an infographic. To make sure nobody misses out, the infographic covers the whole topic.

We researched a lot of eLearning content and found that when it came to cyber security there was still a gap in providing something more fun and interesting. We all know what we ought to do (or at least that’s what we believed), but then when we tested it internally a lot of us go the basics wrong or simply weren’t aware. It is why that is our first and ready-made topical bundle

QuizGraphics are educational quizzes and infographics built to encourage people to test their knowledge and then understand where they had gaps and read up on it in an infographic. Our content is well researched and verified by subject matter experts.

There are two ways to access QuizGraphic:

  • On subscription: this means one Quizgraphic will be emailed to your employees straight from our cloud once a week. You set the date on which you want it to arrive and who needs to receive it. Price £5 per person per month
  • In one topic bundle: this means we provide your with iframes or links to the content to be included in your learning management system. Price: £250 per topic bundle

Currently, we have the following collection ready to go:

  • Cyber security

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