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An Coppens is a leading expert in gamification for learner and employee engagement, with over 15 years experience in creating behaviour change through creative and innovative solutions. Her company Gamification Nation, won the Outstanding Gamification Agency Award in 2017 at Gamification Europe and an Excellence in No-Tech Gamification design for a board game at GamiCon 2018.

She is an award-winning Speaker, L&D professional, business and executive coach and author. Her speaking style is interactive and engaging.

In her career today she has worked with global brands in media, finance, education and FMCG markets, she has advised 100’s of business owners and inspired 1000’s of individuals to level up their game.

She is an avid blogger on the topic of gamification and has been listed as the top gamification blog in 2017 by Feedspot and listed in the top 10 UK digital and technology bloggers in the UK Blog Awards of 2016 and 2015. She has authored a number of books: “Gamification in Business” – published by BookBoon, “Attracting IT graduates to your business” – published by Packt Publishing and “Tapping into the Crowd, building competitive advantage from the inside out” published by PenCraft Books. She is working on her next book for release later in 2018 called “Winning at the Infinite Game of Learning: practitioners view on learning gamification.” and will be published by PenCraft Books.

She is invited to speak on a regular basis at HR and Learning events because of the value she shares from practice… oh and health warning … she often uses innovative approaches to get the audience engaged, they have included dancing, games, competitions, co-creation, painting, etc.


Upcoming speaking schedule:
25th April, 2019Gamification in OD, HR and L&D | Gdansk Poland
14th - 16th May 2019Using Gamification to Attract, Train and Retain Millenial Troops | Stockholm Disruptive Technology - ITEC
26th - 30th August 201950th Anniversary ISAGA Conference, Warsaw, Poland Theme: Simulation & gaming through times and across disciplines. Past and future, heritage and progress. Held from the 26th to the 30th of August 2019
4th - 5th September 2019Gamification Masterclass for HR and learning professionals in the corporate sector | Austria Trend Hotel, Savoyen, Vienna.
12th - 13th September 2019Women in Leadership in leadership summit 2019 | Barcelona, Spain
Past events:
14th - 15th February 2019 12th HR Minds L&D Forum which will happen on 14th & 15th of February 2019 in Athens, Greece
30th January, 2019YGame - Play for Change conference, Riga Latvia
December, 201813th International Conference in Testing Methodologies and Technologies in Beijing, China
November, 2018Gamification Europe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
November, 2018Gamification Summit, Istanbul, Turkey
November, 2018CIPD Webinar: How learning through games helps improve engagement and productivity: Sign up for the webinar
16th - 17th October 2018HR core Academy 2018
October, 2018Instructional designers in offices drinking coffee Podcast Join us for the conversation about gamification and creating better learning experiences
October, 2018HR Inside summit, Vienna, Austria
October, 2018GamificationCon, Chicago, USA #gamicon2k18
May, 2018Gamification in corporate learning, Ryerson, Toronto, Canada
April, 2018Annual Meeting of the international financial institutions' heads of HR -Barbados
April, 2018Caribbean Development Bank digital transformation workshop, Barbados
April, 2018Keynote on Gamification in HR for the Annual meeting of International Financial Institutions Heads of HR, Barbados
March, 2018Gamification in HR experience, Arctic Shores, London
March, 2018Hartford Insurtechhub Hackathon, Hartford, CT, USA
March, 2018Grasping the art of gamification for HR purposes, GLC Europe, Vienna, Austria
February, 2018All the world is a game on Qube, Inspiration Thursday, online in a Qube room
January, 2018Gamification and the Sharing Economy, London, UK
December, 2017Learning TV Now, UK
November, 2017Gamification-Europe, Brighton, UK
October, 2017EnGaging final conference, Zadar, Croatia
September, 2017Gamification MasterClass: Grasping the art of gamification for HR purposes, Vienna, Austria
September, 2017Gamifyus Conference, Stockholm, Sweden
August, 2017Talent Ecosystem Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August, 2017Game Thinking Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August, 2017Designing learning experiences with gamification, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July, 2017Guest speaker on TLD Chat, online event via Crowdcast
June, 20177th HR Minds Employee Engagement forum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June, 2017Global HR Innovation and Strategies Conference, Barcelona, Spain
March, 2017SXSW, Austin,Texas, USA – panel session: Rethink the pink in gamification design
March, 2017Webinar on Employee Engagement for Gameffective
February, 2017Employee Engagement & motivation with gamification and behavioural design, for Talent Intelligence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (book your place on the link)
February, 2017Learning Technologies, London, UK – come visit us at stand S16
December, 2016Educa, Berlin, Germany
November, 2016World of Health IT, Barcelona, Spain
October, 2016Gamification World Congress, Madrid, Spain
October, 2016Gamification in HR, Singapore
September, 2016Kramfors Community School, Kramfors, Sweden
September, 2016100+ Club Peter Thomson, Birmingham, UK
June, 2016Corporate Universities and Academies Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June, 2016Savage Marketing Tech in Amsterdam, Netherlands
May, 2016Webinar on learner engagement for Gameffective
March, 2016Gamification in HR in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
February, 2016World HRD Congress, Mumbai, India
February, 2016Smart simplicity – HR summit in Istanbul
January, 2016BETTS , London
November, 2015Gamification World Congress in Barcelona
October, 2015HR Tech World in Paris
September, 2015Employee Engagement workshop – Landscape in London
May, 2015World Gamification Meetup Scandinavia in Stockholm
April, 2015Gamifiers Meetup in London
April, 2015Gamification in HR in Vienna
March, 2015ITOL Future of Work in Bucharest
March, 2015Digital Futures – Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels – Belgium
December, 2014Gamification Round Table by Games for Business
November, 2014The Future of Work in London
November, 2014Elearning 2020: Stay ahead of the Game!
October, 2014Gamification in Sales & Marketing at 10th Sales & Marketing in Pharma conference in Amsterdam
October, 2014Gamification in HR at HR Change & Transformation in London
June, 2014Gamification to engage app users for BrightTalk online
June, 2014Gamification Talk Radio: Gamification to engage women online
May, 2014Gamification in HR Summit in Paris – check out our blog of the event
May, 2014Gamification World Congress in Barcelona – check out our blog of the event
February, 2014Moderator of online web summit Get it Gamified from BrightTalk