Gamification Design for Learner Engagement

Improving learner engagement is by one of the most commonly requested reason why organisations contact us to apply gamification. However, most of our clients had some concerns:

The sad reality is that $13.5m per year, per 1,000 employees is lost or wasted due to ineffective training. 74% of workers felt they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities, according to research by Middlesex University for Work Based Learning. A 2015 ATD research study found that only 38% of managers believe that their learning programs meet their learner’s needs. Yet, 68% of employers offer training programs; 71% offer soft skills and 72% offer hard skills (CareerBuilder).

The same organisation also knows that employees who feel they have opportunities for development will stay longer and when fully engaged outperform their peers by 147%.

So guess what… Our clients got this!

They understand that to remain relevant with a changing workforce, where the majority has now played games of some kind and has grown used to the instant feedback we receive on social media, that their organisation also needs to understand what gamification can do to attract, motivate and retain the current generation of workers. Statistically the largest group of gamers (53%) is aged between 18 and 49 and the 50 plusses account for 29% of active gamers. So we know that the appetite exists amongst most generation that are currently employed. If you think about it Solitaire used to ship with Microsoft Office and lots of executives have attended a game of golf or a VIP invite to soccer, rugby, tennis or other sports events at some point in their career. So games are not new to even the most serious businesses.

There is more though …

A study conducted by the University of Colorado adult learners, participants in gamified eLearning experiences scored:

Capterra and Talent LMS found that gamification increased course completion by 80%, student satisfaction as well as course retention improved by over 80% whilst training cost remained largely the same or improved slightly.

Quite impressive, we think…

Now, this is where we come in…

We create tailored gamification design solutions to solve your specific business problem and because we do rigorous employee research on their behaviours, we know our solutions have a high success rate. Our bespoke service is by far our best seller. Book a strategy session through the form below and find out what is possible for your company.

The results so far…

We achieved the required business objective and often this was quantified with a 10 to 40% increase in engagement. The investment required will vary depending on the scope of the project, but let’s say we start with a 5 figure sum and the front figure can still on a rare occasion be 2 or 3 if we are looking at gamification of just one process. If the gamification design involves multiple processes, locations or the whole organisation it is very likely a six figure sum that get’s the work done. The one thing we insist on is that we agree to follow-up for the 6 to 12 month period that follows to ensure the best is made from the proposed solution.

Do you want to learn how to implement learner focused gamification?

Then our gamification community also known as THE NATION is live and contains a wealth of information on employee and learner engagement. Any course and resource we create, you will find there. We obviously have also gamified the experience, so you will have experience the effects in the first person. You can have access today, just click on the link.

If you are ready to move forward scroll to the end and book a strategy session or just pick up the phone to speak to us about your project.

Learning and development

Gamification has become a real buzzword in the world of learning and development. With 15 years of experience in the area of learning and development, business coaching and instructional design it is no surprise we found out a long time ago that retention of information and behaviour transformation happens best when the supplied training has game elements in it by design.

With the majority of young hires well versed in the language of games and online interactivity through a variety of social media, it would be an oversight for any professional organisation not to implement relevant, targeted and gamified learning. Having come from this background, the amount of confusion that exists here is enormous, because a lot of e-learning and learning management system providers are telling you that adding some points and badges is enough to engage your learners, I will be very blunt that kind of gamification is a waste of money.

We strongly contest that superficially adding game mechanics is engaging learners!!!!

We want you to apply the same process as for other gamification projects namely set business objectives (not just create a course), address real world problems your teams want to learn to deal with better. We also urge you to understand your learners and their motivations, behaviours and reasons why they go looking for learning, it does mean going further than a training needs analysis (providing you still do those, we are increasingly meeting organisations that don’t).

Our gamification for learning approach goes further than anything we have seen on the market, we believe there are 3 levels of learning related gamification (Coppens 2014):

Level 1: Content gamification

Level 2: Systems gamification

Level 3: Evidence of learning gamification

To date we have worked in learner engagement strategies, specific targeted gamification for course curricula, assisted with developing meaningful just in time learning. We are happy to look at setting up a company wide gamified academy, adding gamification to your existing offering and very specific learning interventions with clear objectives. The partners we work with and recommend to deliver some of these solutions vary, they include Growthengineering, Curatr, Learning Locker and gamification platforms to add gamification to existing systems.

Tell us your biggest challenge with learner engagement: BIGGEST CHALLENGE

Gamified Academy

Our founder has designed and worked on content for a number of curricula, which are these days often called an Academy. We incorporate the culture of the company and it’s clients to ensure maximum return on investment, when the skills are applied. In a sales academy, a sales person will learn a number of essential skills over an established timeframe, We build in skills challenges, quests and missions as well as feedback. When sales people prove they have attained mastery they can progress to the next level.

For leadership academies we tend to want to get to know the current structure and culture of leaders and model of successful employees. We develop a program that can run over a number of years to cover the progression from new managers to experienced C-level executives. We collaborate closely with you to make sure the tone is right. The delivery once again will include challenges, quests, missions and feedback with options to facilitate various learning styles. The academies can be set up in online environments or as a blended solution. Connect with us to design your tailor-made academy.

Simulations and serious games

In some cases simulations and serious games are the best form of experiential learning. We can design these and work with some top class business partners to make sure the end-results achieves business objectives as well as looks fab. We would love to design your simulation or serious game, we have plenty of experience playing them ? Contact us to discuss the game plan. When you are looking for classroom style game based learning, we work closely together with Yellowfoot in Windsor, who offer a great variety of games to assist in putting project management, communication, negotiation, sales and leadership skills to the test. They can facilitate programs around Europe. We would love to design your simulation or serious game.

Gamification of existing LMS

If your company already owns an LMS system, which is lacking gamification functionality to set quest, missions, challenges, encourage social engagement and earn rewards if that is your company’s way of learning, we can assist you in implementing gamification all the same. The one requirement is that there is a html interface to work with and then thanks to the amazing platform from our business partners at Funifier, we can help you to still have the best of both worlds.

Meet with us to make sure what you are looking for makes behavioural sense and how it can be implemented. We do not recommend just adding a layer of badges and leaderboards, we want you to really dig deeper and explain the behaviours you want to encourage. Thinking this through and planning gamification accordingly will make the investment worth it’s while.

Book your meeting with us to get the project started.

Gamification reviews of existing online learning

We are aware that learning and development professionals are often tasked by designing courses quickly in-house and whilst you know you gave it your best shot, you still have that niggling sense that it could be even better. At the end of our review of your course, you will receive improvement and gamification suggestions and how to implement them so that you can increase course participation, retention and engagement.