Gamification Design for Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is by far the most commonly requested reason why organisations contact us to apply gamification. However, most of our clients had some concerns:


The sad reality is that $11billion of turnover is lost or wasted due to employee disengagement. According to research organisation Gallup, in their Global Workforce Report, in 2013 only 13% of employees were fully engaged, 64% were not engaged and 23% were actively disengaged. The reasons they quoted for this were bad hiring practices, poor management practices and low engagement amongst middle and senior managers.

The same organisation also knows that companies with an engaged workforce outperform their peers by 147%.

So guess what… Our clients got this!

They understand that to remain relevant with a changing workforce, where the majority has now played games of some kind and has grown used to the instant feedback we receive on social media, that their organisation also needs to understand what gamification can do to attract, motivate and retain the current generation of workers. Statistically, the largest group of gamers (53%) is aged between 18 and 49 and the 50 plusses account for 29% of active gamers. So we know that the appetite exists amongst most generations that are currently employed. If you think about it Solitaire used to ship with Microsoft Office and lots of executives have attended a game of golf or a VIP invite to soccer, rugby, tennis or other sports events at some point in their career. So games are not new to even the most serious businesses.

This is where we come in… We create tailored gamification design solutions to solve your specific business problem and because we do rigorous employee research on their behaviours, we know our solutions have a high success rate. Our bespoke service is by far our best seller. Book a strategy session by clicking on this link and find out what is possible for your company.

The results so far…

We achieved the required business objective and often this was quantified with a 10 to 40% increase in engagement. The investment required will vary depending on the scope of the project, but let’s say we start with a 5 figure sum and the front figure can still on a rare occasion be 2 or 3 if we are looking at gamification of just one process. If the gamification design involves multiple processes, locations or the whole organisation it is very likely a six-figure sum that gets the work done. The one thing we insist on is that we agree to follow-up for the 6 to 12 month period that follows to ensure the best is made from the proposed solution.

Who is doing it…

At this stage, there are fabulous examples of gamification all along the employee lifecycle from employer branding to recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, performance management and even alumni communities. We have been actively working with our clients to put their best foot forward in employee engagement. We would love to explore how we could do the same for your teams. If you are ready to move forward scroll to the end and book a strategy session or just pick up the phone to speak to us about your project.

Gamification of HR

Human Resource professionals are often the ones tasked with executing and delivering on employee engagement, we do see it as a strategic exercise and will very likely involve quite a few other teams in the gamification design process to help you reach your objectives. Obviously, each solution is tailored to your needs and we first and foremost listen to your business objectives, do our best to understand your business and culture to make sure what is designed also hits the required results.

Here is a range of the areas gamification has been applied to, to enhance the experience of your brand, your candidates and your employees both current and former.















We have three levels of service we can work with you on

  1. Strategy
  2. Strategy & platform selection
  3. Strategy, platform selection and implementation support